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New Protocols for Outdoor Markets in Alberta

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Farmer’s Markets in 2020, An Alberta Vendor’s Perspective

A lot has changed on the outdoor market scene for Alberta’s 2020 summer season. Local organizers, vendors and customers are working together to adapt to new protocols and enjoy a fruitful season of healthy experiences!

In preparing and planning for outdoor markets in stride with Alberta health recommendations, the focus has been on the overall structure of things, such as:
  • one way directional flow;
  • restricted sampling to self-contained lidded samples; and,
  • limited entry numbers.

Click here for the complete overview, “Farmers’ Market Covid-19 Guidelines for Vendors“.

Midway through the season, the biggest setback to the new approach tends to be long line ups on peak days.  As a vendor, I want to extend a big thank-you to all of those that have waited out the lines to help support our efforts. Most vendors are local producers and artisans that need support now more than ever! We are all trying our best to bring you a great experience and top quality products.

Outside of market protocols, producers and organizations are facing increased scrutiny on internal protocols. Most of us had already been adhering to stringent health protocols, so adaptations in this area weren’t the hurdle they were for some. Being in food manufacturing, that our sanitization protocols were already at an exceptionally high standard so we are able to help others navigate the ever-changing guidelines.

The team at Cian’s is in good health, and hopes that everyone is doing well navigating the new path we are on – my, how quickly things have changed!  I must admit, like others, I have had a hard time of things and had to take a bit of time to adjust. I decided that the best way forward was to dive into it and look for the opportunities. For me, that meant seeking educational outlets, learning as much as I could.

I have spent the last few months discovering ways to improve our business. I also re-discovered my kitchen, that was an adventure! I had time to get back to basics and planned my meals weekly, shopping once, and creating healthier meals than I usually gravitate to in the rush of life. An online nutrition course validated my menu choices, even with a short term lapse that involved some snacking of the kettle chip variety.

Of course, I always bring it back to the mustard and took some time to tweak a couple of Cian’s flavours. I like to start with a mustard and challenge myself to find a new way to enjoy it. My current breakfast is a simple but delicious meal, a Cian’s Mustard Melt.

Each day is a new one, presenting challenges and opportunities. One thing that is true through it all, you can’t go wrong with kindness.

You never know what another person is dealing with, so be kind to one another and enjoy the journey.