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Commercial Kettle

Big Batch Cooking

300L Commercial Kettle by Groen

300L Commercial Kettle by Groen

Small producers save time and money 

Finally, access to a AHS-approved facility for rent in Southern Alberta! Small producers will enjoy economies of scale when they rent Cian’s kitchen equipped with a commercial kettle. Your rental includes an experienced kettle operator so you can focus on your production without a learning curve.

Literally shave days off your production time, contact us to discuss availability, rates and projected yields for your big batch.

Nutritious, delicious, affordable and fun! 

If you’re like most people, you would LOVE to eat healthier but struggle to find the time to plan, purchase and prepare the great meals you’d like to make. Well we are here to help you get started!

Don’t want to mess up your kitchen? Or maybe you want to cook with friends and family but you lack the space. Our commercial kitchen with 300 litre kettle can make short work of your lofty goals.

If you’re not a producer, but you’re feeding a family or just like to have a well-stocked freezer, contact us and we can make arrangements for your group to come in and make your own batch of soup. We can easily accommodate ten people working together – take home 30 litres each, that’s almost eight ice cream pails worth of soup EACH, try and do that at home in one day!

Contact us to book your full day rental now!